Regardless of whether you are a seasoned filmmaker or skilled stop-motion animator, this is something that will change your workflow: full integration with DRAGONFRAME software.


DRAGONFRAME is an industry-standard software for stop motion animation. It helps you control your script, your camera and your motion control rig. With its new functions, previously inaccessible for third party equipment, the new SLIDELINK adapter changes completely the way you work with stop-motion (compared to our previous solutions and most of the competition on the market). For more information about the software, pricing and purchase options, go to www.dragonframe.com.


The most significant new feature in the redesigned SLIDELINK Adapter is the ability to play the DRAGONFRAME's motion in real-time. When you design sophisticated motion, you can immediately preview the effects before shooting individual frames, or record it in-camera as video footage.

The combination of DRAGONFRAME software and SLIDEKAMERA gear is a versatile setup. You are not only limited to stop motion, but you can also use it to shoot live video, like advanced packshots, VFX plates, greenscreens or feature film's shots demanding advanced camera movement.


You can compose real-time video with stop-motion (frame by frame) sequences, as the motion is precise and 100% repeatable. Thanks to the DRAGONFRAME's abilities to modify designed moves, you can scale the camera's path in space and time, giving you infinite possibilities of creative compositing visual effects.


SLIDELINK PRO is an additional tool, a bridge between your motion control equipment and the controller you'd like to use. For drives without build-in wireless abilities, it can create a wi-fi access point for Slideye app or act as a radio receiver for RF connections.

After enabling the DRAGONFRAME functionality, SLIDELINK PRO can be connected to your computer via USB and become a bridge between DRAGONFRAME software and the SLIDEKAMERA motion control setup.


You bought your new gear. What's next?

Follow our brief tutorial about configuring SLIDEKAMERA devices in Dragonframe software.