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We offer custom solutions for every filmmaker's needs.
From a simple slider with a non-standard length to a high-end motion control system for a large TV studio.
Tell us what you need and our team will find a solution designed especially for you.

Our designers have a lot of experience in delivering products tailored to customers. Every part of our product can be customized from the ground up to match your preferences.

For non-standard setups, we offer professional installation service provided by our technicians. We will take care of the assembly process and provide basic training for the users.

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High-speed dolly around the stage.

length: 16 m (10 modules)
radius: 6,2 m
track width: 440 mm
max speed: 1.5 m/s
max payload: 8 kg
control: wireless

Vertical ATLAS MODULAR SLIDER with a counterweight

height: 4.5 m
max speed: 2 m/sec
max payload: 20 kg
remote head: 3rd party PTZ remote head, custom mount

Upside-down ATLAS MODULAR SLIDER with remote head

length: 12.0 m
max speed: 1.0 m/s (software limit)
max payload: 8 kg
remote head: X-HEAD Mk3 (pre-production)
control: wire & wireless
lens control: zoom, focus, iris

Overhead Track Lighting System

length: 2.5 m
max speed: 5 cm/sec
max payload: 10 kg

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