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The new MONOHEAD STUDIO is the second iteration of this popular device. It gives you the same capabilities as smaller MONOHEAD while incorporating strengthened systems from more sophisticated heads.

MONOHEAD STUDIO 1-axis remote head

The MONOHEAD STUDIO rotates the camera on a horizontal axis. While the motor pans the camera, the tilt axis is controlled manually.

MONOHEAD STUDIO was designed to carry heavy, professional cameras. Rigid construction and precise drive make this device reliable and repeatable. MONOHEAD STUDIO is perfect for every application that requires precise movement: live action, timelapse, stop motion or VFX shots.

MONOHEAD STUDIO 1-axis remote head
MONOHEAD STUDIO 1-axis remote head

The gearbox of the panorama axis in the newest generation of the MONOHEAD has been completely redesigned. Reinforced housing provides even smoother and more fluid motion, even with heavy camera rigs.

The head's base is consistent with the larger heads lineup. That makes it compatible with TITAN and ATLAS MODULAR sliders without any additional baseplates or adapters. Thanks to the wide mounting surface, the connection is rigid, and your shots stay smooth, despite sudden movement.

MONOHEAD STUDIO 1-axis remote head

The new MONOHEAD STUDIO works perfectly with SLIDEKAMERA's PARALLAX mode: the unique feature for tracking objects in parallel motion.


  • MONOHEAD STUDIO 1-axis remote head
  • AKC-3 quick release plate
  • data cable
  • power cable
  • transport case with hard foam insert
MONOHEAD STUDIO - set includes



precise rotation of the camera in one axis


5.3 kg

Head dimensions: 316 mm x 133 mm x 135 mm
Head load capacity: 16 kg
Range of head rotation angles: N x 360º
Maximum rotation speed: 72o/s (360o/5 s)
Maximum acceleration: 360º/s2
Supply voltage: 10..17V DC min 25W
Battery working time: 12V 7Ah min. 3h
Operating temperature range: 0 to +40ºC
Recommended relative humidity: < 90%