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Modular jib with a range of 1m-3,4m for broadcast and cine cameras, with a maximum payload of up to 15 kg.

BOLD JIB is a universal tool for both film and television environments. Its reinforced construction makes it stable and reliable, regardless of the shooting conditions.


BOLD JIB - sections

With the BOLD JIB, you don't have to choose the length now. You can do it before the shooting. For filmmaking in tight spaces and precise product photography, or for moving your camera above the crowd. Set your BOLD JIB to the length you need and create epic shots without limitations.
Modular sections allow you to build your jib in various reach configurations, from 1 m to 3.4 m.


BOLD JIB - counterweight winder

You can smoothly move the counterweight of the BOLD JIB to precisely balance the device. You don't have to match the exact weight of the camera using plenty of small leads. Instead, just put an approximate amount of balance and fine-tune it using a comfortable winder.

BOLD JIB - Euro Mount


The base of the BOLD JIB is equipped with the EURO Mount, an industry-standard, robust connection that allows you to work fast and efficient. With this mount, you can place your BOLD JIB on our dedicated tripod or any other professional grip equipment, such as dollies or pneumatic pedestals.
If you need a different grip system, such as Mitchell Mount or a flat plate, the mount can be easily replaced to suit your needs.


With the universal head mount, you can use the SLIDEKAMERA native grip system to mount remote heads or use third-party solutions fixed with a flat plate and 3/8" screw or 75/100mm bowl adapter.
We recommend our lightweight X-HEAD mkIII with the AION 2D controller as a default remote head for the BOLD JIB.

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