PTZ quick release system adapter

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The AF-48 is a quick-release system for heavy cameras and remote heads with a payload of up to 20kg.
It's designed to easily and securely mount PTZ cameras on Slidekamera sliders.

AF-48 parts

One large knob allows you to tighten the camera quickly and firmly. A large contact area ensures the stability of the connection.

AF-48 compatible with Slidekamera remote heads that use the native 3xM6 mount (all current heads lineup) and all other equipment using the large slot for 1/4" and 38" screws.

assembled AF-48 - closeup
AF-48 with PTZ camera and ATLAS MODULAR slider

The AF-48 also includes M4 threads for the native Panasonic PTZ mounting plate, which enhances the camera rigidity.

AF-48 with Panasonic PTZ mounting plate

The set includes a full range of screws to use the adapter with Slidekamera devices or third-party hardware.

AF-48 - the set
AF-48 dimensions


If you need a smaller quick-release system for your camera or DSLR, maybe the AKC-3 is a better choice?
With the Manfrotto-compatible sliding plate and dual-lock system, the AKC-3 is an excellent add-on to your camera rig.

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